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Steven's Books

The Relevant Educator:
How Connectedness Empowers Learning




Co-authored with his good friend and influential social media educator, Tom Whitby, Steven and Tom take educators through their journey of how social media made them the learners and educators they are today, while providing practical tips how others can do the same. 



The Tech-Savvy Administrator




Written with school leaders in mind, this text takes the reader through 3 different parts of the leadership process (communication, collaboration and organization) and how digital tools can enhance a leaders ability to do their work effectively while being a model of technology use for teachers and students. 

Content Curation: How To Avoid Information Overload



In an age where educators and students have access to a plethora of information at their finger tips, understanding how to collect, organize and share resources is crucial. In this book, Steven walks educators through the curation process and provides several digital tools and examples to use both for professional learning and to also help students be better curators. 

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