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We are proud to offer self-paced courses to build your skills as an educator. These courses are designed to help you understand the latest high-impact instructional techniques, decode current research and build your capacity to lead in current classroom environments. 

New for 2020! Course Bundles! 

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Course Description

Why do infographics grab our attention? How can they be used to help students gather, understand and tell a story with data? Learn everything there is to know about infographics and discover how you can use them in any classroom!


Driving Question

How can educators understand, utilize and assess infographics as an alternate means of demonstration of understanding in the classroom? 


Course Objectives

  • What Makes A Good Infographic and How Can Infographics Go Wrong?

  • Where Do You Find Good Data and How Do You Make Meaning Of It?

  • You Mean Colors And Images Make A Difference? Understanding the science of visual information.

  • What Are The Best Tools For Teachers and Students To Make Infographics?

  • How Do We Assess Understanding Without Impeding Creativity?


Course Requirements

Throughout the course we have embedded several, self-paced activities to complete related to each area of infographics and opportunities to share and reflect with other course participants


Learning Hours

6 hours.


What You'll Get

  • Certificate Of Completion

  • An Infographic Toolkit

  • Research On Brain Science

  • Activities To Use In The Classroom

  • Lots of Materials You Can Adapt And Use In Your Classroom


Course Description

Being a Tech-Savvy Educator is more than just knowing about what tools to use in the classroom. It's about understanding a more holistic, technology-driven pedagogical approach to learning.


Driving Question

How can educators provide a relevant, challenging learning environment while understanding the best approaches to modern-day learning?


Course Objectives

  • Develop a working definition of a Tech-Savvy Educator.

  • Examine the 6 areas of a Tech-Savvy Educator.

  • Review research related to being a Tech-Savvy Educator.

  • Explore and utilize a variety of technology tools suited to your particular needs.

  • Reflect on self and the profession and make a plan for next steps.


Course Requirements

Throughout the course we have embedded several weekly activities to complete related to each area of being a Tech-Savvy Educator along with completion of a weekly reflection journal and weekly interactions with peers.


Learning Hours

8 hours.


What You'll Get

  • Reflection Journal

  • Sample Activities

  • Deep Technology Toolbox

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New For 2020 Steven and Shaelynn have bundled these two courses together at a savings of 25%! 

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