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Education Transformation is a complex yet rewarding challenging for schools and districts. In order for this transformation to be effective detailed planning and understanding of the change process are critical to success. 

Steven and Shaelynn have developed an innovative and new approach to transformation. Through the use of the Microsoft Transformation Framework education leaders are brought together in a highly customized series of professional learning events. These Communities of Practice aim to examine current district practices, uncovering what is truly working to change the learning environment and what opportunities there are for improvement. The goal is sustainable, manageable change at all levels of the education organization. 

Centered on the four pillars of Leadership and Policy, Modern Teaching and Learning, Technology Blueprint, and Intelligent Environments all stakeholders engage in deep discussion on topics including vision for the future, classroom design, implementation efficacy, making the best Edtech purchasing decisions, what effective technology use really looks like, advanced systems design and much more. 

Workshops can be designed for your organizations unique needs. Samples Include:

  • 2 Day Overview Workshops for Local or Regional Agencies

  • 1 Week Consulting and Workshops for Schools and Districts

  • Yearlong Full Transformation Implementation. 

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and how Web20Classroom is uniquely positioned to help you meet your transformational goals. 

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