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What Do We Have To Say?

Below is just a sampling of the videos, interviews, articles and more from Web20Classroom. Get inside our minds and learn about our philosophies, how we learn and what we think the future of education might look like. 

Edtech Works: Steven Anderson

An interview  Steven did while at TCEA 2015 where we explore social media, why technology in education is important and more!

Fellow Proud Nerd, Steven Anderson
Fellow Proud Nerd Steven Anderson. Listen to the podcast to learn more about Steven W. Andeson

In this podcast with Jason from Principally Speaking we talk about Steven's books, why school leaders need to be users of technology and why being a nerd is just about the most awesome thing ever!

Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week 2018

On the Trending In Education Podcast for Teacher Appreciation Week, 2018 Steven discusses his career path, some thoughts around the movement for better teacher pay, how students are once again becoming activists and more. 

From Instructional Technologist to 
Educational Evangelist
From Instructional Technologist To Eductional Evangelist. Learn more abut how Steven W. Andeson has helped schools all over the world.

An article featured in the Huffington Post about the evolution of Steven's career and how #edchat is changing the way teachers learn. 

A Conversation With US Department of Education
on Data Privacy

In this series from the Office of Educational Technology from the US Department of Education Steven joined a panel to talk about the need for data privacy in schools and how vendors can protect student information. 

Multimodal Literacy and Deep Learning with Shaelynn

In this episode of So We've Been Thinking, Shaelynn talks to the depths and current shifts that literacy and learning are undertaking. Hear her thoughts on why literacy isn't just reading any more. 

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