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How Can Web20Clasroom Help You?

Steven has extensive experience teaching, presenting and speaking in front of audiences large and small. As a former educator and current consultant, author and practitioner, Steven can help your educators and leaders learn more about technology implementation efficacy, what to look for when technology is being used in truly transformational ways and more.  

As a former High School English Teacher, Shaelynn has extensive experience helping educators of all kinds discover the power of literacy. As a current School Improvement Consultant and practitioner she can work with your staff to examine high-impact, evidence-based instructional practices that move students forward and more. 

Together they are a one-of-a-kind team that gets audiences laughing, reflecting and pushing the boundaries of what they thought possible. 

Below is just a sampling of what we can offer you. If you would like more information or a custom quote please reach out to us. 


Leadership and Program Consulting

Steven and Shaelynn have extensive experience working with schools and districts, large and small, helping them to examine their current implementation practices, change management, data processes and School:Home Communications


In particular they can help you understand what transformational technology use really looks like, the expected outcomes from a fully implemented literacy program and more. 

Web20Classroom will design a specific plan along side you to meet your specific goals and expected outcomes. 


Sample Topics

  • The Key Indicators of Highly Effective Technology Use

  • What Does Literacy Mean Anyway

  • Data Isn't A Four Letter Word

  • Walkthroughs and Observations: There Is A Difference

  • Making School Communications Suck Less

Keynotes, Workshops, and Conference Sessions


Steven and Shaelynn have had the pleasure of keynoting several, nationally known events and smaller, local conferences for districts and states around the U.S. Their keynote style is one of storytelling blended with fun and information. 


Web20Classroom will work with you to determine the message you want to bring to your group and what goals you'd like to achieve. Keynotes, sessions and workshops can be anywhere from 1 hour to multiple days in length.


Sample Keynotes and Sessions

  • What Mad Men Can Teach Us About Creativity

  • Digital Storytelling: Creating Multimedia Projects that Rock

  • Learning Never Exhausts The Mind

  • The Digitally Authentic Learning Classroom

  • The Tech-Savvy Educator

  • Flat Earth, AntiVax, 9/11: Things People Doubt in the Age of Information

Instructional Support And Discipline-Specific Professional Development


Steven, as a former math and science teacher and Shaelynn, as a former high school english teacher can work with any level of educator to help them understand evidence-based best practices, STEAM, design thinking and more. We can also work with coaches, other instructional staff and leadership communications teams to strengthen those programs as well. 


Sessions can be afternoon, whole-day or multi-day  implementations. 

Sample Keynotes and Sessions

  • High-Impact Instructional Strategies You Need Now

  • Engagement Doesn't Mean Effectiveness

  • Showing The Awesome: School And Leadership Branding

  • Digital Consumption and Creation In A Changing Literacy Landscape

  • Read, Write, Wonder: EdTech Gems to Support Literacy Learning

Additional Consulting Services

Web20Classroom has consulted with schools, districts, Edtech Start-ups and established brands on everything from establishing and planning multi-year technology initiatives to helping brands better reach customers. They can work with your organization to plan things such as best practices with social media, evaluating results or building a product that educators need and want to use. 


Past Consulting Opportunities

  • Current Consultants for Large Non-Profit Educational Organization

  • Advisory Board Member for Large Edtech Start Up 

  • Internal Consultants for Large Edtech Hardware Maker

  • District Consultant for Top 20 In The Nation School District On Social Media Policy

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